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Mango - Golek

Mango - Golek

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Grafted tree approx 80cms tall. Self pollinating and will fruit in 1-2 years.

One type of fruit that its abundant presence in Indonesia is mango. Even in the countryside, every house has a mango tree in its yard. Therefore, it is not a false assumption to say that almost everyone in Indonesia has already tasted the favors and fresh fruits of mangoes, neither are you? Out there, there are dozens of species or varieties of mango fruit. At first, this type of tropical fruit staple only amounted to 35 only. However, as the development of the agricultural world, now has found a new mango variant with the quality of flavor is also a fruit that deserves thumbs up. One of the best and must try is a kind of mango golek.

Mango golek is one type or variant of mango that reportedly first developed on Indian soil. However, today we can easily find mangoes that one is included in Indonesia. In fact, the farmers call that manga golek that exist in Indonesia is different from mangoes golek India. Mango golek Indonesian version cultivated in Purbolinggi region also Pasuruan. The popularity of this one mango is amazing. Even the Minister of Agriculture has officially announced this manga golek as one of the superior local mango varieties.

Basically, this fruit mango has a long fruit shape and also slightly tapered. In addition, this mango fruit is unique because it is not beaked like other types of mangoes. The color of this mango when young is green and when ripe yellowish, especially at the base. The skin of this mango golek is not too thick, it is smooth and if observed you will find gland spots with a slightly greenish white color. If the mango golek has ripe, then the white spots will turn into dark brown.

How to care for your fruit tree

When you receive your fruit trees please unpackage them as soon as possible and give them some water. It is normal for some of the fruit trees to wilt slightly in transit but they will revive quickly with care. Please water your trees everyday.

Planting Instructions:

In a pot: If you are planting your fruit tree in a pot long term we recommend using a 3-50 litre pot . Use premim potting mix or rich garden soil, place a saucer under the pot and grass clippings or mulch around the tree to help the tree retain moisture. Water every 1-2 days continually.

In the ground: Dig a hole 2 times larger than the size of the pot or bag the tree is currently in. Squeeze the pot to loosen the root system before planting. Water well and add mulch or grass clipping around the tree. Water daily for the first year and then after that the tree should be able to sourse its own water through its root system, but continue to observe the tree and water if necessary.

Wait 1 month after planting before fertilising to avoid burning the roots.

Special care instructions for lychee, avocado and bananas, please see the product description for each tree.

Fertiliser: Fertilise your trees once a year in springtime following the correct instructions on the packet.

Pruning: Pruning your tree ecourages new gowth and a bushier growth habit. At the end of summer we recommend pruning the tips of the tree branches by 2-3cms or you can prune the tree to a desired shape.

If you have any care questions please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.


Shipping Costs:

Brisbane and Gold Coast Metro Suburbs: Free Shipping

Other Areas QLD: Shipping costs may apply based on your location and the number of trees purchased. If there are any additional shipping fees you will be contacted after you purchase and given the option of a refund if you desire.

Other Areas: NSW, ACT, VIC and SA. $30 per order or free shipping if you buy 4 or more trees.

Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to be packed and sent.

If you find a tree you would like to purchase we recommend doing so promptly as often our stock sells out shortly after being listed and then wont be available again until our next re-stock. 

Our maximum box size is 1.06m. Some trees may need to be trimmed to fit into the packaging, this does not damage the tree, it encourages the tree to grow new branches and become bushier. 

You may not be sent the exact tree pictures on the website but it I’ll be very similar in size and height. All of our trees are grown outside in the sun, so they are fully accustomed to Queensland weather conditions. Due to that, the trees may have minor leaf imperfections from the sun, but the overall health of the trees is superb. 

Orders are shipped by courier and usually take 1-3 business days if you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast and other Metro areas or up to 3 weeks for other locations. Plants are packaged carefully with water in the packaging.

Please follow all care instructions for your tree/s as outlined on the website in the product description of each tree. MOST IMPORTANT IS WATERING YOUR TREE EVERYDAY (preferably in the morning).

If there are any issues when your package arrives please contact us via email at for a promt reply.

Return policy

At Fruitopia Nursery we love plants and we want you to love your plants too, so if there are any issues with your purchase, we’re here to help. Please carefully follow all care instructions for your new plants, paying particular attention to their watering requirements.

If you are unhappy with your purchase in anyway please contact us by email and we will do our very best to resolve the situation. 

Depending on the problem we will be happy to offer a refund, partial refund or exchange at our sole discretion. 

If your goods are damaged on arrival, please take a photo and contact us immediately via email so that we can follow up the matter with the delivery company.

Please do not post plants back without first contacting us via email

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